Our NMG Way philosophy encompasses all elements of our unique culture, including Belonging, our Values, Growth Mindset, our NMG Way of Working (NMG WOW), and ESG. This innovative philosophy ensures a culture that is diverse, flexible, and empowering to all.


Our culture of Belonging ensures that every associate feels welcomed, valued, and empowered to be their best. Our Belonging strategies encompass our efforts to increase workforce diversity, advance workplace equity, and champion marketplace inclusion to our customers and communities through inclusive merchandise and operations.

We treat everyone with respect and welcome people of all backgrounds, life experiences, gender identities, religion, disabilities, and appearances. We never discriminate or harass for any reason.



Winning cultures are open to adapting and embracing the uncomfortable. A growth mindset challenges your comfort zone, seeks out new growth opportunities, and focuses on getting better, always. With a growth mindset, we find inspiration in others’ success. We compete against ourselves, not each other. Collectively we are here to make NMG successful, and we each do our part.


Our unique, integrated working philosophy creates an environment that empowers associates to do their best work, full stop. Structured around flexibility and accountability, WOW comprises four pillars: I Work Smarter, I Am Present, I Integrate Life & Work, and I Empower… And Am Empowered.


We are on a journey to revolutionize impact by advancing sustainable products and services, cultivating a culture of Belonging, and Leading with Love in our communities. We are committed to identifying, improving, and disclosing our performance on material ESG (Environmental Social Governance) issues that enhance shareholder value and address key stakeholder concerns on an ongoing basis.

ESG Governance

The mission of the ESG Steering Committee is to identify, improve, and transparently disclose our performance on material ESG issues, while fostering cross-functional collaboration and embedding ESG responsibilities throughout the organization. Our efforts are intended to create a positive NMG experience for all people, including those who identify as LGBTQ+, people with disabilities, veterans, women, and Asian, Black, Hispanic or Native Americans.

Read more about our ESG strategy and governance in our FY2023 ESG Report.


NMG has nine ACNs, which provide an avenue for our diverse workforce to foster community, celebrate self-expression, provide leadership development opportunities, and champion an inclusive marketplace. These networks were co-created with our associates’ input and are open to all.

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