If you fall within one of the below enumerated categories and wish to request access to our private data site, please contact Tom Mattei, Vice President, Assistant General Counsel-Corporate and Assistant Corporate Secretary (Tom_Mattei@neimanmarcus.com); and Mark Anderson, Director, Finance and Investor Relations (Mark_D_Anderson@neimanmarcus.com).

In your email request, please indicate: (i) your name, (ii) your employer, (iii) your email address and (iv) whether you are a member of one or more of the following categories (additionally, please indicate which Company Security the foregoing information relates to):

  1. a holder of Senior Secured Notes due 2026 of NMG Holding Company, Inc., The Neiman Marcus Group LLC, and their affiliates (CUSIP No. 62929R AC2, U7360R AB2)(the "Notes"); Common Units of NMG Parent LLC (CUSIP No. 62929P 102), or Warrants to Purchase Common Units (CUSIP No. 62929P 110) (collectively, the "Company Securities");
  2. a bona fide prospective investor in the Company Securities;
  3. a bona fide market maker (or person who intends to be a market maker) in the Notes; or
  4. a bona fide securities analyst.

Any person who requests such information from the Company or seeks to participate in any conference call will be required to make certain representations and agreements (and by accepting such financial information, such person will be deemed to have represented to and agreed with the Company) set forth in the agreements governing the Company Securities to the Company's good faith satisfaction. Any person who is a listed "Competitor" of the Company may be refused entry to the private data site.